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While it's true that 99.99% of the time a "hobbyist" meets up with a "provider," there's no real connection between the two (especially from the point of view of the girl), there ARE those occasional exceptions to the rule. And that's the way it went with one of my favorite ex-clients, a sweet, sexy, and very good-looking girl named Cici. I knew she had a boyfriend and had stopped working. What I didn't know is that HE WAS ONCE A CUSTOMER! 

Yup!~ It happens! A doctor of Korean-American descent answered an ad, came to the house, saw Cici…and the rest was history. Rather than stress over her occupation entertaining men for a living, he simply decided he liked the girl…he had money…and he'd take care of her so she didn't have to work. Cici fancied the guy and it was that simple! One plus one equals two (or one in this case) and they are now together living happily ever after (I hope). Of course, the dream could end at any time…but I'd rather have the daydream that Cici is walking down a country lane hand in hand with her boyfriend – than the one in which she's calling me up wanting to book an ad. 

I guess I'm just mature that way. Well, on second thought…I don't know about all that. But somehow even though if memory serves me, she was the last Asian girl I had a session with, I take the emotional high road and root for her happiness. Plus…it's not exactly like she left a huge void on the KAMP landscape. There are still a few girls left. And here they come, guys. Hop on your bronc. It's THE ASIAN ROUNDUP!

Obviously, there’s a lot of bait and switch all over the internet and one can run a gauntlet trying to debunk all the ads and find the perfect girl! Fortunately, you guys have me, who knows most of the Asian community, and can tell you exactly where to go and where not to go in your pursuit of carnal bliss. The ever-changing Asian landscape morphs on an almost daily basis and even your favorite place may be under new management with totally new girls. So here goes with the NEW ASIAN ROUNDUP:

NY-ALLURE – East 50's – 917-692-4455 – Back and just as fabulous as ever are Gina and company! Music in every room! Ambient ceiling and floor lighting. Plenty of room. Top notch all the way! A very exclusive spot to start your tour – in a tour is what you like of all the places.And they just sent me some new photos of a girl named Maya who looks pretty freakin' hot! Check out their ad on this site.

FOXYSTORY.COM – Midtown – 917-557-9840 – And what a story it is! This is a cute place – nicely set up with a lot of hot girls coming and going with some regularity. Look out for Nell with the all natural and very curvy body. Sha Sha is a cute spinner…Stella a hard worker…and you get the idea. 

VIP SPA – Midtown 30's – 212-997-2228 – Nice, spacious spa with some very cute girls only one of whom takes photos. But trust me…there are some very fetching lasses on the premises! If you like a good massage, this just could be the place!

ONNANOKO.COM – Midtown – 347-256-9724 – Onnanoko means pure woman according to the boss. Well, I don’t know about all that but they aim to please and have a centrally located oasis with a couple of hot, busty girls in the mix. Brand new and worth a trip.

FOUR HANDS ARE BETTER THAN TWO – Chelsea – 347-368-5943 – -At 60 roses for an hour of four hand/two girl massage, everybody has to try this place just once! A new spa in an exclusive neighborhood – oo la la!

SEOULFUL ASIAN – East Village – 347-822-8411 – Fabulous spinner Ivy and her friends await the arrival of hot guys with Benjis. Very discreet and cozy East Village love nook with a new name because some crackhead competitor is apparently wearing her out with bull shit.

GO GO ASIAN – West 40’s – 212-956-3834 – Ae you ready for a girl to dance her way into your heart? This is the place. Off the beaten path place and girls in a discreet location.

YEAST OF EDEN – Don’t go! I hate the owner! She thinks she’s God’s gift to men…is as dumb as a mud fence…and fucked with my personal life. Anybody who works for her is no doubt as odious and profligate as she!

HAPPINESSNY.COM – 646-345-9618 – Midtown West 40’s -  More good-looking girls in a somewhat cramped Midtown location but cuties abound and here I don’t see any phony tans like so many Asians sport. While the apartment may not measure up to others, the girls certainly do!

ASIAN BOOMERANG – 212-689-2468 – East 20’s – Cozy little basement spot with three or four very cute girls. They don’t overadvertise and are very discreet and under the radar but the girls are as attractive as anywhere and the location unique. Additionally, if you like your Asian cuties young…this is your place. Often, the jaded objects of your lust are substantially older than they look. These girls aren't. They're very fresh.

CHOICEANGELS.COM – East 40’s – 212-564-6568 – Th epick of the litter! A close knit organization with devoted girls who like where they are – and like to meet up with sexy guys. Sugar has always been a crowd pleaser fave and the roster of Kymberly, Angel and Jenny fill out the dance card nicely. 

NYCACE.COM – Midtown – 212-268-3101 – Gotta love Kelly, 95 lbs. of Asian TNT! And Vivian, Janelle and Yuki run a very close second. Hot girls! Hot time! There’s nothing like a pro who knows how to do her job rains, sleet snow or hail!

ASIANSTARNYC.COM – Midtown -  212-518-4050 – Heavenly bodies who want to revolve around YOU! Very professional, clean and on top of their game! They’ll do your body good and leave you with a brilliant shiney smile and a twinkle in your eye.

ASIANNEWHEAVEN.COM – 212-213-5359 – East 30's – Nice, clean setup with some of the most popular girls in the city awaiting your arrival. Also…a phone girl who speaks fluent English – for a change!

HONEYHONEYNEWYORK.COM – Midtown – 917-494-9010, 917-284-0733These girls are sooo sweet they had to name themselves twice! Very spacious commerical spot with three or four cuties! Jei has a great booty and I always loved hana…and Sunny with her big natural chestals. Very friendly girls een if the last time I was there Eva put me in a choke hold!

Of course this isn’t a full list of everywhere you can go, but it IS an accurate guide containing enough information for a guy to have a good time. All the rates are 200 roses (as Koreans are bright enough NOT to compete on price) and the service IS for an hour – though a lot of your time can be spent on table body shampoos and massages. That IS the way these places generally operate. But that doesn’t mean you can’t forgo certain activities in favor of others – if you’re a hot stud who likes to spend most of his time in the clinches.

And finally for the girls…if you don’t see your place reviewed here, just e-mail and we’ll talk.


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